Inje is the nation’s biggest hwangtae (dried pollack) production area accounting for 70% of the nation’s hwangtae production. The best hwangtae with soft flesh and no fishy smells can be produced only when it is dried naturally in areas with high daily temperature differences. The nature of Yongdae-ri is the optimal place for such geographical and climatic conditions and it is producing the highest quality hwangtae.

Green chili pepper

Green chili peppers have excellent antioxidizing effects and is a vegetable that has as much vitamins as fruits. Inje is the largest green chili pepper production area in the summer thanks to its clean natural environment and high daily temperature ranges, and the fresh taste and high quality of green chili peppers of Inje are very popular.


The premium soybeans of Inje, which were registered as the first geographically indicated crop in the nation, is known as a wellbeing product. It is being cultivated as an alternative crop for highland vegetables in Inje and Naerincheon tofu made with tofu is also becoming one of the most preferred items among consumers thanks to its great flavor.


Omija is said to have five different tastes and helps with the five viscera of the human body. Popular as a health food. Inje omija is grown in highlands with high daily temperature differences, thus maintaining the highest quality in the nation.


Groundsel grown in the deep mountains with clean mountain energies is called the king of mountain herbs and its mild and fresh scent and soft and slightly bitter taste is excellent. Unlike regular groundsel, Inje groundsel grown in the mountains are geographically indicated crops, and is popular nationwide. It has richer scent and nutrition compared to groundsel from other regions, and it is thus recognized as a premium mountain herb.