City Flag

Symbolizes that a mountain surrounds Inje-gun’s county bird the pigeon, Naerincheon (riv.) that is a tourism resource given by nature, smelt that only live in clean water, and a leaf that symbolizes the healthy agricultural products grown in the clean nature of Inje


The mascot is the ‘otter’, which is a natural monument symbolizing the geographical features of clean Inje, and its name is ‘Sudari’

County Tree

The evergreen dark green color symbolizes the transparent, persevering and unwavering spirit of the people and the oval leaves represent amicability, while the fruits of the colored seeds represent boundless development and promise of prosperity.

County Flower
(Royal Azalea)

The strong reproductive ability by cutting and seedlings represents the boundless development and prosperity of the people. Its simultaneous blooming from April to June represents the cooperation and unity to move forward, while the pink petals symbolize the elegance of the people, as well as their warm kindness and simplicity.

County Bird
(White Pigeon)

Its feature of living in flocks represent the people’s spirit who work together through cooperation and unity, and their harmony with people represent the people who have warm compassion and harmony.