Mountain alpine farmland

Over 90% of the area is forestland and it has over 20 high peaks over 800m above sea level.
400-1,708m above sea level (37.2% of arable land)

Scenic space: possesses beautiful natural tourism resources

Seoraksan National Park : 226㎢ (60%) of 373㎢
Soyangho Lake : 10.5㎢ (15%) of 69.5㎢
Mountains, rivers, valleys : Nation’s cleanest regions such as Jeombongsan, Bangtaesan, Daeamsan, Naerincheon, Inbukcheon, and Misan Valley

Private, military and government cooperation areas in terms of security, regional and economics

Recovered contact area: Military Demarcation Line 12.7km

Area that National Route 44 and Seoul-Yangyang Expressway pass to connect to the East Coast

Area with many vacationers for summer trips, autumn travels, leisure and camping

Limited regional development due to excessive development restriction areas

Natural environment preservation zone, National Park protection zone, Military facility protection area, Baekdu Mountain Range Protection Act, etc.

of Inje

The annual average temperature is 10.5℃ and the monthly average temperature in the hottest month of August is 23.9℃, while the coldest month of January has an average monthly temperature of -5.3℃, and the annual average temperature range is 29.1℃.
Annual precipitation is 1196.2mm and the rainfall in the summer season (Jun - Aug) is 839.3mm.
Annual wind speed is 1.8m/s, and for monthly average wind speed, April is highest at 2.3m/s and lowest in October at 1.6m/s.

Monthly temperature and precipitation
Annual average temperature and precipitation

Daily extremes (Dec 1, 1971 - Dec 31, 2018)

Daily extremes (Dec 1, 1971 - Dec 31, 2018) element, highest temperature, lowest temperature, max precipitation, max wind speed
Element Highest temperature Lowest temperature Max precipitation Max wind speed
Extremtes 37.7℃ -25.9℃ 275.8mm 14.5m/s
Dates Aug 01, 2018 Jan 6, 1981 Sep 1, 1984 Apr 27, 1983